Welcome, I am so happy you’re here. Metta Bhav is a company I started in 2010. After years of working in the long term care industry, helping my own Mom through cancer treatment and raising three beautiful children, I found some practices that not only help me heal, but help me awaken to my highest potential. It is a journey of self discovery, of connection to others. It is one I will walk for the rest of my life and I am so grateful to my teachers and to their teachers for passing down this beautiful wisdom.

Rooted in rich tradition, the practices of Yoga, Thai Massage and Mindfulness  blend together to create a beautifully integrated approach to well being. Practiced in a state of loving kindness these healing modalities offer space for the individual to connect with their inner world.

Metta (Pali) मेत्ता is a benevolence toward all beings, without discrimination, that is free of attachment. Metta is a strong, sincere wish for the happiness of all beings.

Bhav is a Sanskrit word that means to be in a state of devotion.

Metta Bhav is to be in the state of loving kindness and to see the light in all beings. This is the art of Yoga. This is the heart of my practice.


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